Are you serious about getting married ...........

If you are, then I hope you will be serious about the choice of the Photographer you choose to cover your Wedding Day.

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Tips when booking your photographer ......

1) Good photographers take bookings 2 years in advance for the popular dates, so please ensure that as soon as you have booked the date for your Wedding that you book a good photographer as a matter of importance.

I am pleased you have visited my web site as this gives me the opportunity to show you the packages and services that I can offer you. I have been established in Somerset as a professional photographer for 35 years. I pride myself on the ability to offer any Wedding clients a tailor made package to suit their individual requirements. As you will see from the various pages in this brochure, I offer a wide and varied choice of packages, and no matter which one you may choose I will photograph your special day in a creative, imaginative and artistic way.
It is only myself that will photograph you, I do not employ any other photographers. Prior to any Wedding I like to have a full discussion with you to plan the day, and evening if required. This can be at my studio or at the location of your forthcoming marriage. My long standing reputation for the highest quality photography in the South West of England is your guarantee and assurance of a service that is unmatched.

WEDDINGS - The New Styles
There have been many changes in the styles and fashions of photography. None more so than the last few years when there has been a strong tendency for Wedding’s to be covered in a more relaxed an informal way and albums to be presented in a stylish book format showing the ‘story’ of the Wedding day rather than the contemporary older style albums with one picture per page and all being the same size.

Nick Tolley has kept up with the all the recent changes in trends and is forefront in the ability to capture the true memories of your Wedding Day in Colour or Black and White and will then design a beautiful book that is un-surpassed in its unique artistic originality.

Nick Tolley, the photographer, has been photographing Weddings in Somerset for 35 years. Born in Weston Super Mare and now covering Weddings all over the South of England he has created countless artistic and stunning images of Brides and Grooms along with their guests all in his unique style.

So why not make an appointment to come and have an informal chat with Nick at his studio? You can even come in the evening if it is more convenient,


2) Visit your photographer at his studio and view samples of actual Weddings rather than a few one off stunning pictures. This will give you a good idea as to the quality and content of a complete Wedding coverage.

3) Tell your photographer the type and style of photographs you expect to be taken. There is a strong tendency at the moment to cover Weddings in a more informal way but you may also like some traditional, classic shots as well. So please make sure that you and your photographer know what you would like before the big day. It cannot be done afterwards.

4) If you are happy with the photographer and want to book up then a further question you should ask is, 'Will it actually be you photographing our Wedding?". So many Brides and Grooms are dissapointed on the day to find that their chosen photographer has sent along an assistant as they may be at another Wedding.

5) If you are having extra guests in the evening, which is popular nowadays, and you want the evening event covered then do not assume the photographer will be there as part of the service. Many photographers charge extra for this, so please ask.

6) Arrange, if possible, a meeting with your photographer a few weeks before the day, perhaps at your Wedding venue, to finalise details and run through a timetable for the day. You would not want your Wedding Breakfast to be ruined due to the photographs going on longer than you anticipated.

7) Look out for Wedding Fayres, where you will be able to meet several different photographers and view their different styles etc.

8) Ensure your photographer is a full time professional and is a qualified member of a recognised photographic association. If he or she is then they will have indemnity insurance and will work to a high standard that has been previously examined. Do not trust the only visual lasting memories of your Wedding to a part time amateur.

Nick will be with you for the whole of your big day, from the crazy panic of getting ready through to the last dance. He will personally take all the photographs and design your finished album for you. So if you are looking for a top class photographer who will quickly become a ‘Professional Wedding Guest’, contact Nick and arrange a meeting to view the styles and designs available, and remember to book in plenty of time as he will be in great demand.